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BMI Goring Hall Hospital
Summit Medical
Results - Sussex 2011

17th March 2011 at the West Sussex Golf Course.

We would like to thank our Sponsors
'BMI Goring Hall Hospital
' & 'Summit Medical'
for their continued support.


Handicap Winner
Van-Straaten Trophy

1st John Mitchell 36 pts.
2nd Stuart Reid 34pts.
3rd Malcolm McLaren-Clark 33pts.
4th Alan Swindley 32 Pts.
5th Terry Jarman 31 Pts.

As before the meeting was generously sponsored by BMI Goring Hall Hospital and their Executive Director, Una Palmer presented the prizes. Her sister came all the way from Galway to take part.

1st Christopher Reed 25pts.
2nd Jamie Clark 24pts.

Best Lady
1st Lady Edwina Grace 33Pts.
2nd Sally Aumonier 27 Pts.

3rd Kathleen Burgin 25 Pts.

Non Knee Replacements
1st John Ireland 33pts.
2nd Robin Hollingsworth 31pts.